Cloud-based Digital Factory System

Effictory automatically plans your production,
controls execution and adapts to changes in real time
eliminating necessity of manual scheduling and supervising work.

Is it inexpensive and easy?

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  • Full control - full automation

    Production schedule is arranged automatically. Management keeps full control on current situation and delivery estimations.

    Up-to-date feedback

    Progress of a manufacturing order is reported in real time with help of reporting panels, sensors and other data sources.

  • Improve margins and increase production volume

    We help to improve margins and production volume, thanks to increased utilization of production resources and our abilities to optimize key indicators like OEE. Moreover, we provide real-time actionable insight into performance of machines and employees, allowing HR to construct fair motivational systems.

What is Effictory?

Effictory is an intelligent software tool, which automatically plans production in your manufacturing plant, controls execution and adapts to changes. 



Effictory system already helped European factories to: increase productivity, reduce buffers and in-process inventory and eliminate waste/"muda". Maybe worthy to try for you? 

What can we help to change in your manufacturing plant

Effictory helps to solve barriers in competitiveness and profitability of factories.


Reduce manufacturing costs and increase production volume.

Effictory will help you to fully utilize time of your employees and machines. You will produce more while lowering per-unit fixed costs.

Reliably deliver orders on time.

Effictory gives you full control over your  lead time and plans orders execution in optimal yet realistic manner.

Gain control on in-process inventory

You will be notified in real-time on order delivery risks and machine failures. At every moment you can localize your in-process inventory. You have full range of lean indicators at your disposal.